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Sczepanski Group Outreach

Youth Adventure Program (YAP): Biotechnology

The Youth Adventure Program (YAP) is a series of one week courses designed to encourage career exploration in STEM fields to talented junior high and high school students (grades 6-12). The Sczepanski Group actively participates in YAP through the development and teaching of a course on biotechnology. Through specially designed laboratories and demonstrations, students are introduced to the scientific principles behind several cutting-edge technologies, including genotyping, molecular cloning, and DNA nanotechnology, all while obtaining hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. This course goes well beyond what can be learned in traditional teaching laboratories and highlights the exciting aspects of a career in biotechnology-related fields.


Chemistry Department Open House

The Sczepanski Group participates in Department of Chemistry Open House on an annual basis. This event is typically visited by over 1,000 guests from the Bryan/College Station community and beyond. Most recently, the Sczepanski Group's activity was "DNA Battleships". Guests learn about DNA nanotechnology by playing a DNA-themed version of the classic game Battleships.


The Aggieland RNA Salon (2018-present)

The overarching goal of the Aggieland RNA Salon is to provide an official platform that brings together RNA scientists across diverse disciplines, colleges and physical locations under the broader umbrella of Texas A&M University System. The Aggieland RNA Salon is organized by the Sczepanski Group and sponsored by the RNA Society. Activities include monthly meetings consisting of short talks on research and literature, and an end-of-year symposium: The Aggieland RNA Research Symposium. The symposium consists of a poster session, short talks, a keynote talk, and awards ceremony.

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